Friday, March 5, 2010

Grey's Music

I have this thing about the annoying music on Grey's Anatomy. Now I hear these songs everywhere and I blame Grey's for it. They crop up on American Idol, while waiting for coffee at Starbucks and on television commercials. They're awful. I know, that's just my opinion but it's like a trend now. There's one culprit that is the worst but I don't know the name or artist so I can't share it here and I'd have to wade through a million songs to find it. However, here are some of the other culprits:

Ingrid Michaelson's The Way I Am This was recently performed on American Idol and while the voice was perfect for this song, I still hate it.

Pocketful Of Sunshine', Natasha Bedingfield
Not the worst culprit and she does have some songs I like such as Unwritten, but this one is an offender.

In fact, Jason Mraz is an offender of this type of music and while I'm at it, Jack Johnson too. I tried to like this kind of stuff and just can't. It's like this laid back, I don't care kind of folk sound.

Now the odd thing is if you do a search for similar artists you get Adele and Duffy and I love their music so what gives?

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