Saturday, November 10, 2018

GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector

So, you all know about Hurricane Michael and how we haven't been able to sleep in our own home for weeks now. But after getting some things back to normal, I was able to try out the GhostBed Mattress Cover Protector out here at the condo.

I figured I wanted to make sure their mattress was protected and wow, this is really awesome.

First of all, it goes on so easily. I hate trying to fit fitted sheets or mattress covers on an oversized mattress. But this one goes on swimmingly. Now while I used it with my own mattress, it pairs best with any GhostBed mattress, which is the best mattress for back pain.

It has a lot going for it but let me tell you my favorites. For one, it stays cool. Since it's breathable, I don't feel super hot when using it and that's a major plus. It also has non-migrating antimicrobial technology and for someone who has major allergies, this is another major benefit. It stays on, which I need since the dogs like to sleep on the bed. Oh, and it's made in the USA, which I fully stand behind.

I am thrilled with my GhostBed mattress cover and maybe when things are all settled down and the house is repaired, I can see about getting the GhostBed mattress too.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Read About Deserving Skin Cancer - Did You?

I will be adding some of my articles from You can read a snippet here, then click the link to read the rest.

Wondering What You Did to Deserve Skin Cancer


When I got the diagnosis of skin cancer, my first thoughts were wondering what was going to happen to me. However, my next thoughts were wondering what I had done wrong. Read more here...

Read About My Experience With Mohs Surgery

I will be adding some of my articles from You can read a snippet here, then click the link to read the rest.

Mohs Surgery: I’m Too Young – Right?


Back when I had my first Mohs surgery, I noticed something – I seemed to be the youngest person in the waiting room. It may be interesting to know that I was in my 40s, yet most of the people waiting to get their results seemed to be quite older – many in their 70s, and more here.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Webetop Air Purifier 6-in-1 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner

I was recently able to review the Webetop Air Purifier 6-in-1 True HEPA Filter wall-mounted air cleaner. First of all, I love air filters. That sounds odd but it's true. I have two in the bedroom and one in the hall and I'm always looking to add more. What can I say - I love clean smelling air. 

First of all, this is a huge air filter. It easily mounts on the wall if you want and it's quite attractive to look at. The only negative is that it is set in Celsius and you cannot change that. Otherwise, it seems pretty cool and works well. It does a room up to 322 sq feet so it's ideal for a bathroom or bedroom. I have mine in the hall right now till I mount it on the wall.

Here is some information on it and what all it comes with. One thing to keep in mind is to remove the plastic from the filter before you use it. I used it for hours before I saw that part. Derp! Anyway, it's a cool looking air filter and you can put it anywhere or hang it so that's neat. The other thing I love is the ionization. I love that smell - some may not but you can turn that off.

  • 6 Stage Filtration System: Pre-filter, TRUE HEPA Filter, HESA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, UV Light and negative ion. It removes 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander; filters particles as small as 0.3 microns and larger and filters air pollution of PM 2.5. Good for stuffy nose.
  • Smart Air Quality Sensor: The auto mode to indicate the surrounding air quality, automatically adjusts fan speed to control the purification process. Also Include PM 2.5 Monitor Function
  • Sleep Mode & Remote Control: Quietly operates throughout the night with remote control, and can automatically turn off according to the timer from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.
  • 4-Speed Fan :For whatever speed you’re feeling: Low, Medium, High, or auto. The settings to better accommodate the needs of the room.
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor in Real Time: Monitor the temperature and humidity in the room with the smart sensor in real time and display the data in the LCD screen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

XUANRUS Dog Travel Water Bottle

I was recently able to try out the XUANRUS Dog Travel Water Bottle, which is absolutely awesome. It's a portable pet water bottle that also holds treats or anything else you need to take with you for your furry friend. 

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Ideal Travel Water Bottle - 12oz capacity fresh water,quickly provide your thirsty pets with fresh water when outdoor walking, hikes, traveling. A perfect travel water bottle for pets.
  • Unique Portable Design: This water bottle is for a small pet like a cat, rabbit, dog, etc.  We add a storage box to put garbage or food, use our water dispenser more convenient
  • No Waste: No waste -One key open/Lock water,Press button for water to flow in and out of the reservoir, at a sufficient rate to prevent spillages.
  • High quality material: FDA approved, lead-free, BPA-free, PET+ ABS, safe and durable, easy dismantling and cleaning.

Need a bottle that's simple, lightweight and requires no extra bowl?
Want to easily hydrate your lovable dog on the go?
Are you tired of using a messy dog water bowl?
Do you walk, run, bike, skate or bring your dog with you to restaurants?
Do you need a strong yet flexible bottle that is going to last?

 If you have these needs, then this is for you!


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