Wednesday, January 9, 2008

school so far

I started my first class today, Investigative Forensics. The class is different to me because it's what's called a Hybrid Class. Meaning, you don't have to show up but you can. My class is on Tuesdays but you can show up or do everything online, only showing up if you need the lecture.

The work is hard so far. It's the first day and before next Tuesday I have 3 chapters to read, 7 mini quizes, two homework assignment (one includes watching CSI and commenting on how they did things so that's pretty neat), the various discussion board comments you have to do for credit, and 4 regular quizes.

What's neat is that you can retake the quizes and tests as often as you like till you get the grade you want and all tests are open book and take home/internet. However, the questions are hard. It's my first day and I was learning about investigations and qualitative labels: the difference between nominal, bias, blunder, ordinal and interval. I was like, "Huh?" LOL

I really doubt I'll specialize in forensics since there's so much math and we all know how I am in math. ;)

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