Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Will this weather ever end?

I live in Florida for pete's sake and it's still too cold to use the pool. Now mind you, it's 73 outside which is darn near perfect weather in my opinion but it keeps the pool water too cold so while we can go in the pool, it's not exactly fun. Not to mention I've been going out each day to clean it some so it doesn't get real dirty from no one taking care of its upkeep. Maybe I need a pool boy! ROFL

Stimulus package

I hear that most people are paying bills with their stimulus package. Is anyone else like me and just wants to blow on something extravagant and unnecessary? I mean sure, I should pay bills and put some away, and I might, but I want to do something frivilous and buy a huge photo printer and a super cool new camera. I can't save money to save my life.

My birthday

I had a really great birthday last Friday. Got lots of nice presents, had a great dinner out but what's even better is that it's not over yet. I have two more presents coming from someone and dinner out still with someone. It's like the birthday that keeps on giving. LOL I do love birthdays though!


I've been taking Chantix and while it does seem to help, the side effects have been horrendous! I had to cut my dosage in half because I was getting this "I don't care" feeling that wouldn't go away. I won't even mention the swelling, nausea, nightmares, etc but on the other hand, it is pretty neat stuff that actually seems to help quite a bit and I've only been on it a little over 2 weeks and that's after cutting the dosage in half.

Check out B's Barkery

B's Barkery is my latest project I've been working on. Feel free to check it out and if you have pets, order something from B's!

Social Spark

I'm trying a new blogging thing at Social Spark I'll have to let you all know how it goes. I love to blog but I've been so busy with school and all. Now I have the time and Social Spark seems like a nice way to get out there.


I failed forensics after all. I had hoped by some miracle that I might pass but no such luck. At least it's not a required class and now I know which classes not to take. Academic probation here I come! At least I can make it up this fall.


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