Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A day in the life of my pants

Dockers contest
Dockers contest


What would a day in the life of my pants be like? Well, let’s first talk about my favorite pants. Right now they’re these denim Capri’s that I can wear with just about anything. I love them because I’m a casual kind of girl and you’ll find me in sandals and sneakers most days and these pants work great with those kinds of shoes.

I guess their day would start out rather late since I’m a late sleeper. Then we’d get up and do the usual things like letting the dogs out, brushing our teeth, combing our hair and putting on makeup. After we let the dogs out, we might go join them and blow some bubbles since they love chasing bubbles around the yard! Then they could help me check e-mail and do my banking. I know, boring day for my pants so far but guess what, I’m taking them to Starbucks! Yeah you heard me right, we’re getting an iced coffee. Later we might stop for lunch or if it’s fall we’re going to have to head to school. Poor pants are going to have to do some learning! However, if it’s the weekend we can go shopping and my pants just might like to have some new shoes to go with them. How about you make a commercial about a day in the life of your pants?

Dockers has a great new ad campaign, make your own video for Dockers! Imagine it, your ad could be seen by thousands of people! Right now you can go and check out all of the cool videos that have already been submitted.
Dockers contest

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