Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make your own commercial


Dockers contest
Dockers contest
Dockers contest

Dockers has a great new ad campaign, make your own video for Dockers! Imagine it, your ad could be seen by thousands of people! Right now you can go and check out all of the cool videos that have already been submitted. I have to be honest, the one that caught my eye is totally silly but ingenius. It’s also fun to see what the average person can do with an ad campaign. I love the world of advertising and seeing a normal, everyday kind of person doing something brilliant, well you can imagine how fun that part is! Anyway, about that ad that I find really great, you can view it here:

Now, wasn’t that absolutely hilarious? There are some other awesome videos there. All you have to do is download your content and make your video! It’s as simple as that. There’s the small print rules such as you being over the age of 18 and abiding by the rules and regulations but honestly, what a cool way to get seen! The viewers such as you get to vote on the videos they like best. You can see what’s already been submitted and perhaps yours might be something even better than what’s already up there! The contest ends on May 29th, 2008 so you’d better hurry. Let’s see what you can do in 30 seconds that’ll make someone want to vote on your video.

Sponsored by Dockers

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