Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Social Spark


Well, Social Spark is open for business! I took the plunge and I'm enjoying trying to blog for them. SocialSpark can help you monetize your blog and drive traffic to it as well. What better way to share yourself with everyone? Not only do you get free advertising, you also can get paid for blogging about certain products, etc. It's great so far!

They have to offer:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

You can get even more info at and find out for yourself!

I think it’ll be an awesome opportunity for me. With all of the many blogs out in cyberspace, why not make sure that yours gets the most exposure that it can possibly get? What do you have to lose? Not to mention the fact that you can get paid for countless opportunities by accepting them if you qualify. I’ve found quite a few that I qualify for already and I’m just getting started on there.

Look at it this way, let’s say you have something to offer such as a business you run and blog for. Well, wouldn’t you want the most exposure you can find? We all know that advertising is expensive; well this is one of the ways that you can get exposure and instead of paying for it, they’re paying you! Heck, I don’t think it gets better than that, do you? If you’re just Blogging to get your thoughts out there, this is another way of ensuring that even more people will read your blog out of the thousands, perhaps millions out there.

Sponsored by SocialSpark

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