Monday, June 30, 2008

A cool freelance gig

I was accepted as a senior writer for A Swanky Pup and I am thrilled. I can't wait to get writing and have my name on their site. I really think the freelance thing is great. As of now, I do about three job titles in my life but I love each one equally I think. Besides, one can make their money with one main gig but it's great to have a backup plan and even smarter to have more than one backup plan. The best of all is that I enjoy each and every one of my so called jobs.

Light it up

Looking for the best “bud” there is and one that is legal? Check out International Oddities. They’re the original and legal bud company and have been so for over two decades. Perhaps you’ve seen the trailer for Pineapple Express? Well if you have, that’s International Oddities products used in the movie.

Everything sold on International Oddities is 100% legal. They sell smoking accessories, herbal smokes and legal buds. There are tons of other sites out there that claim to do the same but this is the company that has been around from day one.

If you are a reader of Maxim, Penthouse, High Times, and more you might have seen their products. Or maybe you’ve even seen them in a movie.

What’s interesting is that everything you can order on their site is legal and doesn’t show up on drug tests. It’s all just pure smoking fun and 100% legal to buy. It seems that there are quite a few other sites that claim to offer the same thing but doesn’t seem to stand by their promises. Why not choose the site that’s been around for 20 years and has the best reviews? You even get a free rolling machine and free samples with orders over $50. What more can you ask for?

This post sponsored by International Oddities.

Kitteh has a home

Hey, that Craig's List really works. I put in an ad for the kitten and a nice lady called us yesterday and kitteh went to his new home yesterday afternoon. I think it's great that it worked so well. I'm also glad he has a home where he can run free since he had to be inprisoned from the twins here and couldn't play unless we put them outside for a while. Here's one more picture of him.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ed Hardy has depressed me

I want an Ed Hardy t-shirt. So I'm told a place on the beach has them and I'm thrilled. We go out there and they had some gorgeous ones. What no one told me is that they're freaking $100 each. Even the tank top was $58. The picture above is one I liked. Some are like almost $200 and I can't find many on eBay that are authentic that are under $50. Even though I worked extra hard last night, made some awesome money and he told me to buy myself one, I can't justify a $100 t-shirt, I just can't. What if I dripped my Starbucks on it? I do that sometimes you know! I'll keep looking and maybe find a good eBay deal. Darn you, Ed Hardy! PS they keep them behind the counter at the store so no one can steal them. They also have the neat $250 sunglasses. Darn you again, Ed Hardy!

A FLICKR mosaic all about YOU

Image hosted @

A FLICKR mosaic all about YOU.
Come on...try it!
Directions are below...

These photos answer the following questions about me:
(I changed a couple of the original questions)

1. What is your first name? Karsun
2. What is your favorite food? Steak
3. What high school did you go to? Mosley
4. What is your favorite color? Red and black
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Thomas Gibson
6. Something you collect? unique wines
7. Favorite dessert? chocolate
8. Favorite flowers? bird of paradise
9. What do you love most in life? my pets (family too of course)
10. One Word to describe you. complex
11. Dream vacation? Times Square in NYC on New Year's Eve
12. Your favorite holiday. Christmas!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Our next cruise is booked for December and I was thinking today how much I'm looking foward to it. Almost to the point of it becoming a yearly thing. This will be my third and his fourth cruise. We're only taking a short one this time but I'm so looking forward to it. I think it's because I was doing my freelance work and did some articles on cruises and ports. That's probably what got me jonesin (is that still a cool word?) to go. I guess December will be here before I know it.

Expert Collision Repair Guide

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Why is it...

....that I can eat a whole sandwich at a fast food restaurant and it has less calories than an order of fries? The good thing is that in almost 3 weeks I have only eaten fries about twice or so. Still hanging in there. Here's another why is it....why is it that I can clean and do laundry and there seems to be double to do the next day? I don't even have kids unless you count the pups and I guess that's the problem but I wouldn't trade them for anything. We went in the pool this afternoon and they had a blast. Now they get excited if you mention "pool" or "go swimming" to them. Went and visited with Swan twice and she's doing so great. I just wish she could come home already. She is very happy and excited and seems to like it there till we get ready to leave. Then it's, "kthanksbai" again. You all might get tired of hearing about her but this will most likely continue till she comes home. :)

Victory Hair - I can get it!

Extreme Style by VO5

What is victory hair? Well, in my opinion it’s that perfect hair that you can only get when you’re not trying. The way you might put it up or just toss it around but it catches that hot guy’s eyes as it falls down around your face. The way the wind blows it around, making you look like you’re in a movie. Then maybe that special guy lightly touches your face, pulling a tiny strand of hair out of the way as he kisses you. That’s victory hair to me!

Now my step-by-step plan of getting this scenario has to be to start with straightening my hair and then tossing it around like I’ve done nothing to it. Then I’d have to ask that guy for a walk on the beach, letting the wind blow it into my face as I look up at him. Once I do that, he’ll stare into my eyes and move the hair out of my face and the rest is censored.

Why not try some flirting yourself by playing the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship? You can have fun by picking just the right answers to “win” the game and best your fellow girl or guy. It’s fun and it’s anonymous unless you happen to want to talk in private to that special person you clicked with while playing. I played it and even though I have a special guy, it was very fun reading some of the answers the guys came up with. There’s one I’ll never forget!

Ultimate Flirting Championship
Victory Hair

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Suggestions Needed

I need suggestions. I'm freelancing with How To articles and I need suggestions. So far 9 are approved and I've written the article. Examples are: How to get a replica item into the country legally, how to test a two slot receptacle, how to feather dust, how to decide on getting a saltwater tank, etc. Stuff like that. How to have fun in The Bahamas. You get the idea. The problem is, some of the suggestions I have someone else has already done. That's why I need your help. What is it that I can do that might help others? What's a how to item I can write? I know how to do a ton of things but I want to think of others to add. :)


Wow, what a wild ride today was. I had all of that go on with Swan and tried to work and finish my book. I did all three though. We took Swan to our neighbor's house after we went and picked up a few things. She seemed just fine till we started to leave and then she was ready to leave too. It was like she was saying, "Oh, nice to meet you all but I have to go now, kthanksbai!" LOL I guess she's doing okay because they haven't called telling us to get our demon dog and take her home. Yeah right on the demon dog, she's a sweetheart. :) I felt awful leaving her after she just had surgery but she needs a place to have peace and quiet and this is better than boarding her because I'll be over there daily. I miss her though.

You Complete Me

Extreme Style by VO5

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Hollywood has had some memorable love quotes over the years but would they work today? Imagine going up to someone and saying, “You had me at hello” or “You make me want to be a better man.” Don’t you think someone would find that cheesy? Perhaps so, but V05 has a new game that let’s you test out these lines to see if they work. It’s the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship.

What you do is head on over to their site and wait for another two players. If two girls enter and a guy then the guy is the judge and vice verse. I got to be a judge when I played and it sure was fun. I was able to choose from a list of questions to ask the players then I got to choose the best lines from those players till we had a winner. I can’t wait to go back and try it as a contestant next time.

Why not grab the widget and put it on your own blog then head on over to play Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game? I think you’ll have a blast, I know I certainly did.

Victory Hair
Ultimate Flirting Championship

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swan Update part 2

Well, I'm pretty pissed. The clinic told us she'd be fine after the surgery and the boys wouldn't want her. I ask again right when I picked her up and they said the same thing. I get her home and the boys are crazy again trying to mount her and barking. I call the vet and they tell me oh of course, she'll still have the hormones for a week or two. Hello? I just spent $350 and they won't even board her for a cheaper rate. My neighbor is going to take her so at least we can go over there every day, etc. She did have a good surgery though, that part I can't dispute. She seems to be doing great albeit a little groggy.

Swan Update

I called about Swan and she's out of surgery and doing well. I can pick her up in a couple of hours. $320 later but I'm happy she's okay. I wouldn't finish The Art of Racing in the Rain last night because I know Enzo dies at the end and with her being at the vet's, no way! Here's my breakdown though:
Spaying and update on shots $320
Peace and Quiet = Priceless!
Not to mention she'll be healthier and have less risk of uterine cancer now. I'm counting down the minutes!

Last ditch effort to save animals!

There are animals needing your help all over the country but this post is about the animals at Heard County Animal Control. They are to be euthanized tomorrow (Friday the 27th) and could use any help you can give them. Please visit Hounds Good and see more about these adorable animals that you can help save. It'd mean a lot to Hounds Good and the world to the animals.


A friend sent me a site where she reads the blogs on there, etc and this person has the most beautiful photography and photo editing. And well, that does it...when school opens up for registration I'm looking for a PhotoShop class to take. I know the basic stuff, I like to play with photos and I think I have some good ones but I want to know more! I'm pretty sure they have a class there if I'm not mistaken and if they don't, I'm pretty sure I can take it at the community college. By the way, that website that she sent me to was The Pioneer Woman

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Please keep Swan in your prayers. She was just dropped of to be spayed. I worry since the pekes have short noses and we lost one once after surgery but hopefully that was just a one time thing. I'll be worried till they call us tomorrow afternoon. :(

Kitteh, I has one

The other night we were walking the dogs and I heard a crying noise. We took the dogs home and came back with flashlights and found this:

Isn't he adorable? We're trying to find it a home though because our dogs think he's a treat to eat. I wish we could keep him but it's not fair to keep him crated and letting him out would be a disaster. However, we do let him out every day after we take the dogs out.

Monday, June 23, 2008


We had a wonderful breakfast today at Dirty Dick's. We've been wanting to go forever because we eat there when they have the Thanksgiving brunches, etc. Today we were up early so we decided to try it. It was quite good. They had unique things like breakfast enchiladas and breakfast lasagna. I didn't overeat although I still think that I had more than I needed. I thought the price was decent and the people were very friendly. We're usually not up and about, or at least I'm not, before 11 am so we just stayed up and went when they opened. Today all I've done is work. I missed going in the pool but if I'm making money I have to think about that first and the pool isn't going anywhere. :)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The most beautiful dance

This was on So You Think You Can Dance and it's absolutely breathtaking!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Speaking of Pups...

....we got the cutest collars tonight. They're collars that support the U.S. War Dog Association. There's Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard collars and each comes with dog tags and the military installation insignia and is in the camo colors. We got the Blue and white camo Navy one for Blitz and the White/Grey camo Air Force collar for Blitz. I wanted to share pictures but the pictures from the site are coming soon. I did find one picture of the Army collar.

L.A. Police Gear & Operation Baghdad Pups

L.A. Police Gear has an awesome site with some great deals if you’re in the police field. They have a lot of free items once you buy something and what I thought was super cool is that they have teamed up with the SPCA in support of Operation Baghdad Pups which is helping U.S. Soldier’s companion animals be brought back to their new home in the United States. They’re donating a percentage for every item purchased through their site and matching donations dollar for dollar. Even if you’re not a policeman, check out the Surefire weapon light just for fun!

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content will always be identified.

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Yesterday, not so good

Okay so yesterday wasn't as good as the day before or even today. Remember that huge storm I told you all about? Well, we had services and then around midnight the night after we lost phone and internet. Do you know how bad it sucked to lose internet? I can even do without my phone easier than not being able to get online. No e-mail, no websites, no blogging! They finally got us up and running the next day but boy was it like being in the dark ages. Thank goodness today has been awesome. The only bad thing is I feel like I over ate. I have one day where I eat out and today was it but I had barbeque and boy can I tell it. I've lost 11 lbs so far though and maybe I didn't go over too much hopefully.

Pay Per Post finally let me in!

blog reviews

I just signed up and finally got approved for Pay Per Post! I’m very excited. Pay Per Post is a site that pays you to blog about certain things. I first heard about them a few months ago when doing a search. Since then, I’ve tried to make sure my blog was acceptable and finally, it was.

Why would you want to join? Well, if you already have a blog why not get paid to write about things from advertisers? You pick which ones sound interesting and you go by the rules stated and that’s it! Oh yes, you get paid as well. What could be better than that?

Let’s say you just have things you want to say and have people read about. Well, with Pay per post you have the opportunity for many others to read your blog as well and not only that, become friends with you. Who doesn’t need more friends? It’s always nice to see invitations from people who saw your blog on Pay Per Post.

That pay isn’t bad either. Your first post can get you $20.00 if you follow the rules and the rules are easy. If you know any HTML at all you can install their tools on your blog site and off you go. Even if you don’t, if you’re already running a blog then you know a little about what you’re doing. If not, they have easy to read instructions.

Best of all, I like to feel like my posts are worth something and with Pay Per Post, they are. You can even donate your earnings and I think that's pretty cool.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

I have found the best book in a very long time. It's called The Art of Racing in the Rain. It reminds me a little of Marley and Me because I know I'm going to cry during it but it's wonderful nonetheless. This one tells the story through the dog's mind. His name is Enzo and his owner is a race car driver. Check out the site, it's even got a commercial on YouTube for the book. I can't recommend it enough!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today is a good day!

Wow, today is turning out to be the best day! I've already made my goal for work so I can kind of relax tonight and enjoy my TV shows (So You Think You Can Dance, Weeds, Secret Diary of a Call Girl). I put in Top Chef at first but it ended last week. My two favorite cooking shows are The Next Food Network Star and Hell's Kitchen.

We also have massages scheduled today with Ann. I do her website and we trade. :) I love massages and I think the hot stone massage is my favorite. The deep tissue one hurts me but that's cause I'm sensitive. Rich can have them done all day long and not bother him.

The other great thing is that my friend Laurel said she'd send me some Bare Escentuals makeup cause she had some extra. Well, I got the box today and there was over 20 pieces in there! Wow! Thank you so much Laurel! I'm sending her a new copy of Pan's Labyrinth since she was so nice and wanted the DVD. She has good taste.

That's it so far for my day but after last night's storm it sure did turn out to be beautiful.


We had the storm from hell tonight. It was lightning and hailing and well, you get the picture. We went outside to watch for a while but then it got too bad to stay out there. We even tried to get pictures of the lightning but it was so fast that we didn't get any. We lost power briefly and was even under a tornado watch but it's all quiet out there now. I swear there's been so really wild weather lately across the country. I guess it's nothing new but it's still seemingly moreso lately.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

How much is your blog worth?


How much money is your blog worth?

Relay for Life

Ben and Allison are participating in the Relay for Life on June 27th and 28th. Please visit their site and donate if you can. It's going to a good cause and any amount will help out. They also have some really enticing offers if you're a blogger. They're offering Entrecard credits if you donate to their cause. Help them out if you can! Visit them here as well!

Iowa Rescuers Save Animals from Flooded Homes

Monday, June 16, 2008

My video

This might not be available yet but it will be. It's processing right now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shock tactics are so not cool

I’m angry and it’s at an organization that I support fully. I recently got a financial report in the mail from a place I donate to, HSUS. Now don’t get me wrong, I will continue to support their wonderful work but what makes me angry is shock value. I started reading through this beautifully put together mail out that was more like a catalog. Rich colors, beautiful layout, etc.

As I went along I first saw a story about hunting wild game which a picture of a guy holding up a zebra he’d shot. This picture wasn’t gory but it made me uncomfortable to even look at. Next was a baby seal that was fixing to be clubbed. At this point I was seeing a trend but it wasn’t until the next page that I really was shocked. This picture showed an animal being skinned alive. I actually threw down the magazine in disgust and told R that I couldn’t believe it. Here was a place that wants me to donate yet they used tactics usually reserved for PETA (who I will never open up another mail out from). I threw away the magazine and didn’t even go further in it because there’s no telling what I’d have seen next.

I don’t think shock tactics are the way to go. Some people are especially sensitive, like myself, and this affects them for days. I wrote them a letter expressing this sentiment. I might support what they do but I don’t support how they are doing it right now.

Make a Difference - Make Your Mark

Reader’s Digest has a special area on their site called “Make Your Mark.” What it does is highlight people who have made a difference in their community or created change for the better. I took a look at the site and saw some amazing stories.

One of my favorites was the story of Jim and Sylvia Vail. Jim Vail was someone who was very successful businessman who dealt with the food sector. One day a social service worker walked into his business and told him all about people with developmental disabilities and how it was hard for them to get proper nutrition or get taught the skills to help them succeed with eating well and healthy.

At first Jim Vail helped out with providing meals but later got the inspiration to do something more; he formed Special Chefs. What this program does is teach the people with disabilities how to prepare the food. With his son Jamie, they even created step-by-step recipes with pictures and voice prompts to help people do it on their own.

This is just one of the many stories on Make Your Mark that are inspirational. Make Your Mark has weekly challenges that you can do like adopting a beach to clean or lobbying for legislation to protect our oceans. Like they say on their site, it only takes on person to make a difference.

Reader's Digest Homepage

Sponsored by Reader's Digest

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We were in Walmart last night and saw a Journey concert which was awesome. I immediately had to find out which one and get it but as we got closer to the tv sets we realized it wasn't Steve Perry. It's a new lead singer. He sounds almost like Steve Perry that we didn't realize till we saw him. Here's a promo so you can hear for yourself. That's not even the best one for his voice, the other songs were even more like Perry.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bare Escentuals

This post is for me! I am so thrilled with Bare Escentuals. I never thought my makeup could look so professional and perfect. I saw the kits at Target first and wanted to try I'm hooked. I won't use anything else. I even tried another maker's mineral makeup and hated it. This stuff even comes with a DVD just to help you out but it's so easy to use and mistake proof. Last week I was on the phone and putting it on and ended up with clown cheeks. LOL Just a few strokes of a brush later and it was perfect. I'm serious, if you wear makeup try it. Not to mention it's natural and while I don't, you can even sleep in it. Our store locally, Ulta, has tons of it and even has makeup artists to show you how it looks.

New campaign provides support for shelters

Happy to be Childless

I was recently reading an article on Associated Content where a young mother expressed that there are still women in their thirties too selfish to have children. I'd like to know when it became a social pariah to remain childless. I am one of those women who chose long ago not to have children. We get stereotyped just as much as the young mother who chooses to have children at a young age. I can't tell you how many times I've been accused of being selfish, not knowing what I want, being wrong, and once was told I was "weird" for not wanting a child.

In today's society is it necessary to have a child that you don't want, just to satisfy the masses? In a study done at the University of Florida, - "The common belief that remaining childless leads to loneliness or depression in the elderly is contradicted by a new University of Florida study, which instead found similar levels of well-being among parents and people without children in their later years.

At the same time, having children is no guarantee of happiness later in life, said Tanya Koropeckyj-Cox, a UF sociology professor who conducted the study.

"For years we have heard warnings that if you don't have children, you will regret it later," she said. "But beliefs about childlessness leading to a lonely old age are simply not supported by our study."

The findings provide evidence that elderly people who never had children are not necessarily more psychologically vulnerable in older age than those with families, said Koropeckyj-Cox, who also is affiliated with UF's Institute on Aging.

One reason is that some people without children are able to maintain social ties throughout their lives that may substitute for what children would have given them, Koropeckyj-Cox said. They may do this with friends, work relationships or the younger generation, she said.

The survey included more than 3,800 men and women between the ages of 50 and 84 from across the country who were asked how often in the last week they'd felt lonely. The responses of parents were not statistically different than those without children, she said."

Why is it then, that when asked if you have children, you get the "look" when you say that you do not? Don't get me wrong, children are a blessing and "insert any sticky sweet phrase here" but why do I have to have one to prove that I'm important? The path I chose for my life reflects who I want to be and to be honest, I've never had that desire or need to fulfill my life with offspring. When my friends have a new baby, I love going to see it, hold it, buy gifts for it, etc. However, I don't feel a loss from not having my own.

Does it make me selfish to find some kids annoying? Of course not. Children are a reflection of how they're raised and while I have no desire to undertake that task, I also have no desire to have my nice things broken and sticky. I have no desire to childproof my home or to change my way of lifestyle. Does this again, make me selfish? Well, let's take a look at examples of being selfish. If you have a child based on society telling you what to do, and your true feelings are against having children, aren't you being selfish to your child by not being able to give it 100% of your love and devotion? I believe that having a child when one does not want one makes you much more selfish since that resentment will reflect itself on your baby.

In fact, childless couples get less tax breaks and less time off from work. Many people find that they are the ones who have to work holidays so that the people with children can be with their family. I'm sorry but I have a family too and my family is just as important as yours. I'd never deny you the time spent with your children, so why should I have to deny my own family time spent? As far as tax breaks and insurance, I don't get a tax break for having dependents and most insurance companies will not pay for vasectomies or elective tubal ligation.

Childbearing and childlessness are far more pressing issues in the lives of women than men, since they are connected to the way women think of themselves and the way they are seen socially by others. Many childless women report having to explain their childless status. The notion of remaining childless makes people uneasy. In part, that's because our sense of community is based on our sense of family. When you tell people that children aren't for you, they feel you're threatening society as a whole. (Beal)

There are now many groups in place where people who choose not to procreate can socialize and not feel judged on their parental status. One such group is

I do think that for some people, perhaps even a majority of people, having a baby is one of the most fulfilling and life-changing events there is. It's just not for me and that, in no way, makes me a selfish person. So, have your babies, love them, take care of them, and show them with pride, but don't expect me to have them just to please you.



Now I have found something pretty cool. It’s Zookoda, which is an e-mail marketing application designed specifically for bloggers! Now how cool is that? Not only that, it’s entirely free! You can’t get much better than free!

What it does is enable you to manage e-mail newsletter subscribers, build custom newsletter subscription forms, design really neat newsletters that match your blog design (how cool is that?), schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month, view real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports and access mobile users by e-mailing blog content in text form! Wow, this program does a lot.

I went to check it out and read up on all the facts. What they are is a blog broadcast service provider. They help ensure that your readers will come back and we all want that. You get a special code to put on your blog that let’s readers sign up using their e-mail address. Then you just pick which feed you want seen, select a template to use and schedule your broadcast. Zookoda does the rest! Then you can even track your results such as who is reading, etc. Sounds like a great idea to me since I like knowing that people are actually reading my blog. I love that it’s free too. I signed up and will get to work on putting up the codes and choosing my templates. I can’t wait to try it since it looks user friendly and easy to use. They even know your feed address when you put in your URL to your blog. That’s something that not all feed services do for you and sometimes those can be hard to find.

I’m definitely looking forward to using this program!

Sponsored by Zookoda


I have been doing it. What's weird is this time I am taking it slow. I've steadily been losing a pound a day and at first, that annoyed me. I like instant gratification. Then I realized, 2 weeks at a pound a day is 14 freaking pounds! So now I get excited when I see that pound a day. All I've been doing is counting calories, taking Hydroxycut and working out on my elliptical. I have to admit, I don't work out on the elliptical as much as I should but I'm getting there. I got a neat set of scales that tells you how much you lost or gained each time you weigh so I love seeing that little down arrow. Wish me luck, I'll need it but at least so far so good!

What brands would I love to blog about?

There are many brands I’d love to see on Social Spark! For starters, I’d love to see the Hummer brand. Right now many are misinformed about the Hummer brand so why not have people blog in a positive way? The ones who would accept this opportunity would have to be people who genuinely felt a positive vibe for the brand. I know I’d take that opportunity in a heartbeat!

I’d also love to see more pet opportunities such as blogging for PetSmart or brands of dog foods or even the AKC! Why not? Pets are a huge part of our culture and something I personally love talking about.

I also love labels. That might make me sound materialistic but how cool would it be to hear about a new design or something from your favorite label? I just got some super cool NY Yankees Reeboks. I bet few people even know that you can get Reeboks with your favorite baseball team on them. is another place I’d love to blog for. I love shopping there and have spent tons of money buying things from them so why not spread the word?

Blogging is a huge search engine sweetheart so it only stands to reason that advertisers need to make it an important part of their budget. I started watching In Plain Sight after reading about it and blogging about it on Social Spark. Now just think, had I not read about it there, would I be watching it? Probably not, since I heard about it for the first time on…you guessed it, a blog.

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Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is sometimes called the Butterfly Effect, so called because of the title of a paper given by Edward Lorenz in 1972 to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington, D.C. entitled Predictability: Does the Flap of a Butterfly's Wings in Brazil set off a Tornado in Texas? The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different.

We've all heard about this theory in movies such as Jurassic Park and The Butterfly Effect and recently, Premonition with Sandra Bullock. But does it seem feasible? Well, why not? Look at everything you do in your life. Let's say that you are running late for work and on the way you are speeding. You get into an accident and someone gets killed. If you hadn't been late to work, would you have still had the accident? And if the accident had never happened, that person who died would still be alive. Since they are not, their whole family and future has been effected by your being late to work. What about any future children they may have had? See how that one thing can effect the world?

But as in movies such as the aforementioned, sometimes it may seem that no matter what a person does, the outcome is the same. No matter how many times Ashton Kutcher went back to change the past, the results changed but never for the better. Something always went wrong. Does this mean we have no say in our fate? That's a tricky question that scientists and religion theorists have grappled with for ages.

An even deeper question, what if Hitler had become an artist? At 18 he took his inheritance and moved to Vienna to attend art school. Had his path in life been different there are a few theories on what might have been different.

-Germany could have descended into civil war
-Soviet Union and communism could have expanded Westward into Europe earlier than
it did
-Japan could have become one of the world's 4 superpowers (UK, USSR & USA)
-No one would ever talk about the Middle East because there'd be no Israel

The modern State of Israel was created in 1948 as a Jewish homeland in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Before the rise of Nazism, most Jews lived in Europe, Israel was a British territory called Palestine, primarily Muslim with only 10% of the population being Jewish.

So in theory, anything you do can change the world and certainly the course of history.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Kind of Pet Do You Own?

I recently read this at and boy do I have multiple answers. Here, we have three dogs, a cat, 2 birds and 3 saltwater fish tanks. There's never a dull moment around here. Between the bird talking, the dogs going outside and into the pool and the cat just doing what cats do, we sure keep busy!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The pros and cons of working from home

Many people are working at home now with being able to telecommute. Most people don't realize though, that people who work at home actually do work. Friends and family will think you can drop everything at a moment's notice since you can sometimes work your own hours. What they don't realize is that I put in about 70 hours a week. I do advertising, I take calls, and I work hard! But having said all that, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I want to list some of the pros and cons of working from home and running your own business. Others might work for someone while being able to stay at home but since I do run my own business, I'm tackling this subject from that point of view... hopefully, my humorous point of view.

The pros:

I get to wake up whenever I want! No more punching a time clock, worrying about the weather outside, or if I'm running late! Now I wake up when and if I want to and go to bed when I want.

No more boss! This is most important. Listen more boss! I only have myself to answer to. If I screw up, it's all on me. Now, that can be hard to take at times but no more being yelled at or berated for a mistake, unless I do it to myself of course.

I can spend time with my pets. If I had children it'd be the same but I have dogs, a cat, etc... so I get to spend all day with them and bond. That helps since one of my dogs is getting older and it's nice to be able to be with him. Plus, I don't have to worry about the weather if he's outside. He can come in and out as he pleases now and won't get caught in a storm while I'm at an office job worrying.

I can take breaks anytime I want! Yes, you heard me right, no more asking if I can go on break or waiting to go to the restroom because you have a customer. Mind you, sometimes I have customers on the phone and have to wait but there's always the mute button. And if I want to take a break and sit on my deck, I do it. If I want to sign out and go for a swim, I do.

I can surf the web all I want and view any pages I want. I can look at porn if I feel the need or download music from iTunes. And speaking of music, I can play it as loud as I deem necessary. Even better, I can listen to all of the Lifetime movies I want while I work. I can even watch RENT for the 50th time. No more fighting over radio stations or hearing how it's too loud.

I don't have to get dressed up. I never was one who liked dressing up anyway but now I do my job in shorts and a t-shirt and sometimes I don't even put on makeup. Of course I still like to look nice just in case the UPS guy comes over but the point is, no hosiery (God forbid), and no dresses...EVER!

I can take any college classes I want and not have to worry about okaying the hours with my boss. I do go to college part time and it could be a pain sometimes just juggling the two but now I don't have that problem.

The cons:

You are responsible for your income. If I get lazy and don't work, I don't get paid so I actually put in more hours at home than I ever did at an outside job.

People like to call you all day thinking you have nothing better to do. Now I don't mind the occasional interruption but sometimes it can be a bit much.

No more free copies. Now I have to copy my schoolwork at home. Darn those ink prices!

No Christmas parties, no getting to go home early due to a storm or emergency, no office gossip, no Christmas bonus, no insurance, and no vacation pay. And definitely no more employee of the month!

You don't get to have lunch with your friends anymore. I still do it with previous co-workers once in a while but it's just not the same and you tend to drift apart.

Having said all of this, I absolutely think that the pros outweigh the cons. I still have online friends I talk to daily, I can still gossip about work with friends who do similar work, and I get to go to my husband's Christmas party. I attempted to be funny through most of this but believe me, I do work hard at what I do and take it very seriously. If I didn't, I might just have to go out and get a job outside the home and what fun would that be? Oh and one more pro? I can write content anytime I feel like it.

In Plain Sight

USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight

See the picture above? Try finding it at the site for the new show, In Plain Sight. Have you ever wondered about the Witness Protection Program? In USA’s new show, In Plain Sight, Mary Shannon (played by Mary McCormack) is a U.S. Marshall who is protects and manages relocated Federal Witnesses who come from all over the country. Shannon is located in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe NM area and these witnesses can be anything from career criminals, thieves, people who just had the misfortune to witness a crime or know about one, etc. They can be anyone at all.

Along with her partner, she helps the witnesses build a new life because no matter who they are, someone wants them dead. What makes it hard for Mary is that her family can’t know what her job really is so while her own life is complicated, her job makes it even more so.

In Plain Sight comes on Sundays at 10/9C and premiered on June 1st, 2008.

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