Monday, June 30, 2008

Light it up

Looking for the best “bud” there is and one that is legal? Check out International Oddities. They’re the original and legal bud company and have been so for over two decades. Perhaps you’ve seen the trailer for Pineapple Express? Well if you have, that’s International Oddities products used in the movie.

Everything sold on International Oddities is 100% legal. They sell smoking accessories, herbal smokes and legal buds. There are tons of other sites out there that claim to do the same but this is the company that has been around from day one.

If you are a reader of Maxim, Penthouse, High Times, and more you might have seen their products. Or maybe you’ve even seen them in a movie.

What’s interesting is that everything you can order on their site is legal and doesn’t show up on drug tests. It’s all just pure smoking fun and 100% legal to buy. It seems that there are quite a few other sites that claim to offer the same thing but doesn’t seem to stand by their promises. Why not choose the site that’s been around for 20 years and has the best reviews? You even get a free rolling machine and free samples with orders over $50. What more can you ask for?

This post sponsored by International Oddities.

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