Thursday, June 12, 2008

Make a Difference - Make Your Mark

Reader’s Digest has a special area on their site called “Make Your Mark.” What it does is highlight people who have made a difference in their community or created change for the better. I took a look at the site and saw some amazing stories.

One of my favorites was the story of Jim and Sylvia Vail. Jim Vail was someone who was very successful businessman who dealt with the food sector. One day a social service worker walked into his business and told him all about people with developmental disabilities and how it was hard for them to get proper nutrition or get taught the skills to help them succeed with eating well and healthy.

At first Jim Vail helped out with providing meals but later got the inspiration to do something more; he formed Special Chefs. What this program does is teach the people with disabilities how to prepare the food. With his son Jamie, they even created step-by-step recipes with pictures and voice prompts to help people do it on their own.

This is just one of the many stories on Make Your Mark that are inspirational. Make Your Mark has weekly challenges that you can do like adopting a beach to clean or lobbying for legislation to protect our oceans. Like they say on their site, it only takes on person to make a difference.

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