Thursday, June 26, 2008

Network Solutions Performance Clicks

With pay per click program, your business can be put out in front of customers that are already ready to buy! Did you know that 71% of consumers use a search engine first? Network Solutions has pay per click advertising deals to suit any budget. From fully managed custom plans to pre-packaged starter plans, you can find the right plan for your own business.

Some of the key features with Network Solutions are custom landing pages, budget control, full service and flexible payment plans. They even a local business ads service that gives you greater exposure in local search engines. They have enhanced reporting and analysis and expert campaign management.

The way it works is that a customer does a search for a certain product. They’ll click on your PPC and it will take them to your custom landing page where they’ll view content encouraging them to make a purchase. Visitors then click on the call to action and become paying customers! It’s that simple!

With the local ads, your ads are created to target your local area with Google Maps. This is a great way for local businesses to advertise, especially businesses that service mainly a local venue such as restaurant businesses or service businesses. Let’s say a person wants to find a restaurant in your town. If they use Google, your business would show up there on Google Maps and this is part of the service. You’re not even paying extra to get this option! What a great alternative to print or radio ads.

You can choose between two affordable, fully managed ppc advertising plans, based on your needs. Don’t let Internet advertising be confusing. With Network Solutions, they make it simple and easy to use. Reach the customers you’ve been looking for and make sure that you’re the person they find!

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