Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay Per Post finally let me in!

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I just signed up and finally got approved for Pay Per Post! I’m very excited. Pay Per Post is a site that pays you to blog about certain things. I first heard about them a few months ago when doing a search. Since then, I’ve tried to make sure my blog was acceptable and finally, it was.

Why would you want to join? Well, if you already have a blog why not get paid to write about things from advertisers? You pick which ones sound interesting and you go by the rules stated and that’s it! Oh yes, you get paid as well. What could be better than that?

Let’s say you just have things you want to say and have people read about. Well, with Pay per post you have the opportunity for many others to read your blog as well and not only that, become friends with you. Who doesn’t need more friends? It’s always nice to see invitations from people who saw your blog on Pay Per Post.

That pay isn’t bad either. Your first post can get you $20.00 if you follow the rules and the rules are easy. If you know any HTML at all you can install their tools on your blog site and off you go. Even if you don’t, if you’re already running a blog then you know a little about what you’re doing. If not, they have easy to read instructions.

Best of all, I like to feel like my posts are worth something and with Pay Per Post, they are. You can even donate your earnings and I think that's pretty cool.

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