Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shock tactics are so not cool

I’m angry and it’s at an organization that I support fully. I recently got a financial report in the mail from a place I donate to, HSUS. Now don’t get me wrong, I will continue to support their wonderful work but what makes me angry is shock value. I started reading through this beautifully put together mail out that was more like a catalog. Rich colors, beautiful layout, etc.

As I went along I first saw a story about hunting wild game which a picture of a guy holding up a zebra he’d shot. This picture wasn’t gory but it made me uncomfortable to even look at. Next was a baby seal that was fixing to be clubbed. At this point I was seeing a trend but it wasn’t until the next page that I really was shocked. This picture showed an animal being skinned alive. I actually threw down the magazine in disgust and told R that I couldn’t believe it. Here was a place that wants me to donate yet they used tactics usually reserved for PETA (who I will never open up another mail out from). I threw away the magazine and didn’t even go further in it because there’s no telling what I’d have seen next.

I don’t think shock tactics are the way to go. Some people are especially sensitive, like myself, and this affects them for days. I wrote them a letter expressing this sentiment. I might support what they do but I don’t support how they are doing it right now.

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Beth said...

I agree. Where I live anti-abortion people like to stand on the side of the street and hold up signs with pictures of bloody fetus. Now I understand they are against abortion but I do not want to be driving down the road with my 3 year old to have him see that kind of thing. They don't seem to care who they give nightmares too, young or old.


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