Saturday, June 28, 2008

Victory Hair - I can get it!

Extreme Style by VO5

What is victory hair? Well, in my opinion it’s that perfect hair that you can only get when you’re not trying. The way you might put it up or just toss it around but it catches that hot guy’s eyes as it falls down around your face. The way the wind blows it around, making you look like you’re in a movie. Then maybe that special guy lightly touches your face, pulling a tiny strand of hair out of the way as he kisses you. That’s victory hair to me!

Now my step-by-step plan of getting this scenario has to be to start with straightening my hair and then tossing it around like I’ve done nothing to it. Then I’d have to ask that guy for a walk on the beach, letting the wind blow it into my face as I look up at him. Once I do that, he’ll stare into my eyes and move the hair out of my face and the rest is censored.

Why not try some flirting yourself by playing the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship? You can have fun by picking just the right answers to “win” the game and best your fellow girl or guy. It’s fun and it’s anonymous unless you happen to want to talk in private to that special person you clicked with while playing. I played it and even though I have a special guy, it was very fun reading some of the answers the guys came up with. There’s one I’ll never forget!

Ultimate Flirting Championship
Victory Hair

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