Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why is it...

....that I can eat a whole sandwich at a fast food restaurant and it has less calories than an order of fries? The good thing is that in almost 3 weeks I have only eaten fries about twice or so. Still hanging in there. Here's another why is it....why is it that I can clean and do laundry and there seems to be double to do the next day? I don't even have kids unless you count the pups and I guess that's the problem but I wouldn't trade them for anything. We went in the pool this afternoon and they had a blast. Now they get excited if you mention "pool" or "go swimming" to them. Went and visited with Swan twice and she's doing so great. I just wish she could come home already. She is very happy and excited and seems to like it there till we get ready to leave. Then it's, "kthanksbai" again. You all might get tired of hearing about her but this will most likely continue till she comes home. :)

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