Tuesday, June 10, 2008



Now I have found something pretty cool. It’s Zookoda, which is an e-mail marketing application designed specifically for bloggers! Now how cool is that? Not only that, it’s entirely free! You can’t get much better than free!

What it does is enable you to manage e-mail newsletter subscribers, build custom newsletter subscription forms, design really neat newsletters that match your blog design (how cool is that?), schedule recurring broadcasts for each day, week or month, view real-time open, bounce, click and unsubscribe reports and access mobile users by e-mailing blog content in text form! Wow, this program does a lot.

I went to check it out and read up on all the facts. What they are is a blog broadcast service provider. They help ensure that your readers will come back and we all want that. You get a special code to put on your blog that let’s readers sign up using their e-mail address. Then you just pick which feed you want seen, select a template to use and schedule your broadcast. Zookoda does the rest! Then you can even track your results such as who is reading, etc. Sounds like a great idea to me since I like knowing that people are actually reading my blog. I love that it’s free too. I signed up and will get to work on putting up the codes and choosing my templates. I can’t wait to try it since it looks user friendly and easy to use. They even know your feed address when you put in your URL to your blog. That’s something that not all feed services do for you and sometimes those can be hard to find.

I’m definitely looking forward to using this program!

Sponsored by Zookoda

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