Thursday, July 17, 2008

A busy day and night

Here's my newest Swanky Pup post and by the way, I do love these leashes! Check it out here.

I got into the conference call tonight for Writer's Research Group but not without mishaps. I called promptly at 7:30 but kept just hearing the hold music for almost half an hour. I finally decided to hang up and try again and I must have hit the wrong number the first time because this time I was in the middle of the conference. She heard me ring in and asked who it was. I was so embarrassed but she was super nice and caught me up on everything. WRG has a very specific way of doing things but it's neat because I'm learning more about keyword density and deep links, things that will help me in my own business as well. Plus, you get a byline and all so other places can hire you for freelance work. Pretty cool.

So now I have my first guide due by Friday at 3 PM which gives me one whole day to learn their system. So there's that, I have more Demand Studios articles to do, the dogs get their rice and chicken done tomorrow (oh joy), I have regular work, I have to mail a sale I made on Amazon and hopefully the guys are ready to start their sites on Friday.

I tell you, I work more hours at home than I ever did out in the workplace. I can't complain though, not everyone gets to watch a semi-okay horror movie during work like I did today. LOL I also cleaned one of the bird cages today and by that I mean rolling it outside and hosing it down and all that fun stuff. Now we just need to do the biggest one. They get dusty and bird-feathery! PS that movie was called The Babysitter and had so many elements from other movies but it was decent. More of a made for TV or Lifetime movie than it was a rental but I'd give it a 7/10 I suppose.

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