Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drama llama!

Wow, a lot of drama today. Not with me, but with friends and some of his co-workers. I hope things work out for them all too. I had a very busy day but I got everything on my list done! Now I have a new list for tomorrow albeit a shorter one. Speaking of drama though, I had printer drama. I finally heard from this other freelance writing gig I had really wanted and they sent me a ton of paperwork to fax back to them and then mail. Now earlier I had already printed some paperwork they sent me to scan and send back...printer worked fine. Tonight I go to print the stuff that has to go out ASAP according to them and guess what? Yep, the printer won't print for jack! Won't print for me either. (really bad humor insert there) So now I have to go buy a new printer and this is just hours after we left Best Buy. I could have got something while I was out. Grrrr! Okay, so printer drama isn't as bad as life drama but I had to vent my drama anyway. :)

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