Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am tired!

I am tired and that's unusual for me. Why, I might go to bed shortly and it's not even 1:00 AM. Here's the thing though, I have to go to bed first. All alone except for the dogs. Then after he gets ready for bed I'll be asleep probably already. (was that some proper grammar or what?) If I wait till he's in bed and try to go, I can't sleep as well. I'm picturing a scenario of me jumping in bed yelling, "I got here first!"

Today I went and met with Fain and he's super cool. We should have something going by Friday or so. I hope so, this project seems really awesome to me and I'd love to get started.

I also got home and had 5 articles to do for DS. Four, if you count the fact that Rich has to help me with one that was his idea to do. It's checking your pool with this certain test kit so yep, he's gotta help me.

We went in the pool for the first time in about 2 weeks. It's rained like every day here almost and I mean torrential downpours, not just sprinkles. Today was the first full sunny day in a while that we also had time to swim. I think Donner got mad at me for making him swim to his float but I just pulled out the bubbles and all was forgotten.

Well, let me go do whatever it is I need to do before bed. :)

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