Sunday, July 13, 2008

A near fight and stuff

I got my information on starting at Writer's Research Group. I have a conference call on Monday and it looks to be a bit more complicated than what I do now with Demand Studios but like any job, you learn it.

We stopped by Walmart tonight to pick up something and it was packed as usual. So we go to the non-grocery side and there's a car backing out right up front. Rich turns on his turn signal and waits when lo and behold, a car up the lane starts backing up for that spot. We're like, oh hell no. We got into the spot and I swear to you, he comes into the spot too and tries to say that he has been waiting 10 mins for it. Um, wasn't he up the lane and backed up? I was so mad but the only reason we ended up finding another spot is because we were worried he'd damage our truck since he almost hit us trying to manuever in sideways. I kid you not. He got his karma since his car starting smoking and was on fire somewhere. The old me, years ago would have keyed his car. Yep, I WAS that type of person long ago in another lifetime. However, the me now didn't. God how I wanted to. I know, over a parking space but seriously! I could care less about the space, it was his rudeness and utter disregard for who was there first. However, we got in and out much faster and I figure he's still in line somewhere and will get his karma if he hasn't already with that whole car on fire thing. ;)

Never a dull moment at Walmart. Go ahead and laugh you northerners!

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