Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ramblings of a sick mind

I guess I'll be sticking with WRG after all. I seem to be getting the hang of it and they're publishing my articles sans edits. I think as I get to doing more and more I'll get even faster at it. So far I have three published and three more to write before Thursday of next week. Not bad I guess.

Oh and my title is just a joke. I swear my mind is perfectly fine. It's my sinuses that are sick. LOL Still taking my antibiotics and feeling somewhat better, just not 100%. Although I do have to admit to getting the snorting laughs tonight while watching I Love Money. Some of you, heck...most of you have no idea what I'm talking about but it's a reality show with contestants who were on Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York. Anyway, stupid Megan says that if she wins the money she'll put it towards helping mentally challenged dogs because her dog is retarded. Her words, not mine. Don't shoot the messenger for using a less than PC term. But I digress, I'll watch the show because I just love fighting and drama on reality shows.

There's an open house tomorrow night at Capstone and I was going to go, then Ann wasn't going so I changed my mind, now Ann is going so I think we're going as well. LOL I'll know for sure tomorrow but now I need to pick up a food item to take. :) I think it'll be fun though.

Well, I should go write some articles or play games or something. I figure I'll take a sinus pill and it'll knock me out shortly.

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