Monday, July 7, 2008

Renuzit Triscents - a totally new and exciting product

Renuzit has a totally cool new product for you to enjoy fresh scents in your home. It’s called Renuzit TriScents and according to their site, if you smell the same fragrance for a certain period of time, you get used to it and no longer smell it. That makes perfect sense to me! Besides, who doesn’t like a change of pace anyway? What they’ve done is create Renuzit TriScents where you get three distinct scents that change every 45 minutes so you don’t get used to the same exact scent every time.

I put the product into my living room and it was really neat to get the unique scents that changed time after time. The scents I got were the Seaside Breezes scents. They include Relaxing Waves, Beach Breezes, and Ocean Oasis and you all know how much I love anything to do with the ocean. The scents are divine. You can even control the settings so that you get as much or as little of the scent as you want. They last up to 60 days, which is pretty good considering that you get that breath of fresh air every 45 minutes. I highly recommend this new product for you to try out!

Why don't you head here right now and print yourself out a coupon to give it a try?

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