Friday, July 4, 2008

That drunk driver

Last weekend we were headed home from the beach about 11 PM. We saw a truck pull out and almost hit one car then drove down the middle of the highway almost hitting (a) more vehicles (b) families leaving their motel to go to a diner (c) another group of people walking.

I dial *FHP and talked to a nice guy who transfered me to the silliest dispatcher. It was like one of those 911 calls and went something like this:

me: there's a drunk driver in front of us almost hitting people
her: where are you at?
me: we explain to her where we are at
(driver almost hits a cop on the bridge)
me: there's a cop right there that he almost hit, why can't that cop stop him? (cop stays put, ignores driver)
her: calm down maam
me to rich: wtf? calm down? I wasn't upset.
me: I'm not upset, but he almost hit a cop.
her: calm down maam I am trying to get someone, can you read his plates?
me: I have a partial of xxxxx
her to other people: we have a possible drunk driver with partial plates of xxx
me to rich: omg he almost hit those people
her: calm down maam

At this point I'm ready to find out where she is a beat her if she says to calm down once more. I wasn't un-calm, I was more of like WTF!

They did finally get an officer cause he stopped us real quick to ask where the truck when. It's not like he couldn't find us, the truck does stand out.

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