Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things and movies

Saw The Dark Knight Monday and it was awesome. I never liked Batman until Christian Bale came along and well, Heath Ledger was brilliant, just brilliant. Also got to see the trailer for the new Terminator movie the Christian Bale is in. I do love me some Terminator movies.

My toe is throbbing ever so often. Hopefully it clears up lest I have to get it checked out.

Work has been sort of slow but at least I have you know who. (ends in N-D-Y) That does help out quite a bit. Fain is still a go with the websites so I'll stop complaining. Weird thing is that with work being semi-slow, the freelance stuff has really picked up. That's a great thing at least and I do enjoy doing it.

Borders sent me a 40% off DVD movies coupon so I ordered The Lost Boys and RENT on Blu-Ray. Yay! I love those two movies and that just means R has to watch RENT with me again since we always watch the HD or Blu-Ray movies that come in. I'm sly aren't I?

That's it for now. I have to be up early tomorrow and y'all know how I loathe that!

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