Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Updated a site tonight, etc.

I updated B's Barkery with a taste tester's page. Check it out! I think it's cute.

Today we had bukoo (HTF do you spell that word?) errands to do and we tried to bring Swan home but the twins went about their business of trying to mount her so back she had to go. :( I hope this is done soon so she can come home.

No pool all weekend because it poured on and off and made the pool chilly even after it warmed back up. I hate a chilly pool.

I was talking with someone about labels. Two people actually. I love labels and I think it's just an ego tripping kind of thing. It doesn't make me better or richer than anyone else, it's just a personal choice. Hence, the whole Ed Hardy post. For me, it makes me feel good in some kind of weird way. Not in a "better than someone" way just a "I worked hard and bought this" kind of way. Stupid, yes but at least I can admit to it.

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