Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vista Print's free everything sale

I have to say that I love Vista Print. I’m not even just saying it because it’s a sponsored post; I’m saying it because I use them. I use them for my business to get postcards, brochures and other things helpful to me.

Right now they’re having a Special Sale. That means that you can choose from postcards, magnets, rubber stamps, business card holders and more. I love sending potential customers my personalized postcards and brochures. I feel that it gives a personal touch and it’s a great direct marketing tool.

Vista Print even has invitations for free right now. I think that’d be really awesome if you were planning to throw a party. We’ve been considering our next party and just think, I could have printed invitations to send out to family and friends. It’s definitely something to think about looking into.

What’s great is that Vista Print has sales like these quite often and all you have to do is order something and get on their mailing list. I get e-mails all the time with specials that I might not have known about otherwise. I really think everyone should check them out, especially if you have a business or you’re planning a party.

Sponsored by VistaPrint

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