Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weird money stuff

I had a customer pay me through Paypal and when I went to look at my account it showed double. So I go to look and we had ordered a package from Omaha Steaks for the exact amount that was back in my account. So I call Omaha Steaks and they still show us paid in full but the money is in my account. My order arrives tomorrow. I figure eventually they'll figure it out and take it back out but I did call and let them know. It's not like I want to steal their stuff. :) We got a really great deal from them too so we'll see how it tastes. I've heard good and bad. Some people love their stuff and some don't. They do have a full money back guarantee at least and their customer service is super friendly.

Speaking of customer service, we went to Chic Fil A yesterday and I've never met a nicer cashier. He kept coming over to see how our food was and made sure to say good bye when we left even though they were super busy and he had to seek us out to say it. It was a really nice change.

So today I'm going to get a printer. I tried mine again and got one page out of it before I gave up.

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Anonymous said...

Chic-Fil-A is the best!! I wish they would come up with some new fries though (kinda thick). The LITE lemonade is so refreshing!


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