Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Day After

I was flipping channels tonight and happened upon this movie right at the bomb scene. Okay, I own this movie. In fact, I own the unedited Brazilian version so suck on that. But I was incensed that they cut out the x-ray type scenes after the bomb dropped. WTF? How do you cut one of the most important parts of the movie? Is this 1983 movie too controversial to this day? I find it important to add that when first shown nearly 100 million Americans watched The Day After, a record audience for a made-for-TV movie. Now how cool is that? However, I find out tonight that R never watched it. In fact, he has only seen it when I forced him to sit through it. Shocked, I am! How do you NOT watch this when it came out? Anyway, I had to share because this movie is so much a part of our culture and to this day I still love watching it even if it is sad and depressing.

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Unknown said...

eh, I've never seen it yet. lol I'll try to get it now.


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