Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting back to normal

R went to the doctor today and he can go back to work tomorrow. I think if he'd asked, he could have stayed out longer but I'm sure he's getting cabin fever. Plus, his foot is doing much better now. My finger is too although it looks black now.

I am on book four of the Twilight Series now. I had plenty of time to read while at the clinic today. Three freaking hours with five minutes of talk time with the doctor. He was nice, I'm just saying...

We had the most awesome storm today. High winds, torrential rains. What was funny is that R used that to get me out of bed. He knows I love storms but when I first jumped up it was calm. I accused him of teasing and said you'd probably tell some kid Santa was outside on Christmas to get them up too! But in a few minutes Santa arrived so to speak. Our gazebo is almost torn down but it's easy to fix.

Getting back to normal is because being with R all week had us on a weird schedule and due to no fault of his, I got behind on my freelance work. Because of that, I had two WRG articles due tonight and one more I have to do tomorrow to catch up. I also had some DS stuff to write and a Swanky Pup post. I am almost caught up.

We did finish Mad Men though. Great show. Now our video on demand is not working so they have to come out and I can't get caught up on season two yet and I can't watch Sunday's Big Brother episode which screwed up because 60 Minutes runs late every damn year.

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