Wednesday, August 6, 2008

People I am tired of...things I want more of

The Jonas Brothers - talk about annoying!

Miley Cyrus - She is so oversaturated. I'm sure she's a sweet girl and a normal 15 year old but can I go anywhere without seeing her at least 10 times a day?

Sienna Miller - Can I go a month without hearing how she's taking someone's husband or being nude somewhere? I guess not.

The Hills and anyone involved with the show - I tried watching The Hills a couple of years ago. It was boring to me and this comes from a reality show fanatic. I just could not get into it and good gosh if I don't see them every time I open up a magazine or get online. If I hear Lauren Conrad or Spencer Pratt or Heidi Montag one more time...and yes, it annoyes me I actually know their names! If it helps though, they do have cool names like Audrina and Spencer.

I'm not even tired of Britney Spears yet as much as these folks. I wonder why they annoy me and she does not. Neither does Amy Winehouse. I like the girl and wish she'd clean up.

People and things I want to see more of:

Billie Piper. I love her in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She seems sweet, approachable, beautiful but not insolent. I love her and wish the show were still on but I can wait till next season.

Weeds. I wish this show were more than half an hour long each week. I get so hooked on it.

Criminal Minds. I want my show back! I know I have to wait till fall but gimme my show and I'll shut up or at least don't make me wait till Oct to buy the third season on DVD.

Cocaine Energy Drinks - I don't care if it has a questionable name, I love how these taste. They're even tastier than Red Bull by a mile!

Swingtown - I love this show and hope they don't cancel it like I heard. Figures!

Holidays - I love them.

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