Thursday, September 18, 2008

Outlook Express and the flu

I went to check my mail today for Karsun Designs and all of the e-mails were blank. I tried everything to fix it and finally saw on Microsoft's page to download Windows Live mail if you have OE 6. I tried it and so far, so good. My mail is showing up, etc. I hate problems like that...hate hate hate! So darn annoying. Seems to be working so far. R says why not just use AOL? Well, I can't check web based mail with it though. Like my dot com mail or my comcast mail. Otherwise I just might since I'm annoyed. We'll see how this Windows Live mail does.

Haven't seen a lot of me since I've had the flu. I was sick somewhat on Monday but really sick on Tues and feeling somewhat living today. I found some of R's old cough syrup from the dr in our fridge and it works awesomely but it makes me conk out. No late nights with that stuff. Hopefully tomorrow I'm even more better. I hate the "swimmy" head feeling.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for adding the snarkies to your blog! We will add you too! Your site is lovely! We hope you feel better!
Barbra Seville


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