Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random stuff

I found out tonight that a very important person reads my blog once in a while. I thought that was cool. Mr Reassignment, you know who you are. :)

My flu is getting better, or at least tonight it's better. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Hopefully that's a sign that it's leaving. I found out that something is going around and oddly, my mom was just saying that the back of her head hurt too and she so does not wear a scrunchie so perhaps it's that flu thing. Weird!

It's finally nice enough to open up the windows at night. I love the fresh air and not to mention how it makes the sheets smell. Sheets dried on a clothes line is one of my favorite smells and since we use a dryer, I love it when the wind blows in and does the same thing.

The other night we went to Outback (diet be damned while I'm sick) and there's this guy there we see all the time who has an H2 so I told R (can't agree on a name yet) that I was going to say hi. R thought he might diss me but he didn't. Hey, I'm friendly...what can I say? I think now that people have traded their Hummers in I see so many more on the road cause now people can afford them. If we'd have waited ours would have been cheaper as well. But who knew? Funny thing is the other night we saw an H2 but they were taking a picture of ours so R waved. He loves doing the ninja thing in pictures people are taking. Just in the truck though. It's not like he leaps in front of people or puts bunny ears on them.

Still deciding on joining the Krewe but have to make a decision this week since the new member meeting is next Sat night.

I wish I were tired. It's 4:23 am and I slept a bunch today while feeling all flu-ish but now I'm not too tired and I do need to go to bed sometime this century.

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