Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm feeling somewhat better thank God.

Met with a new client tonight. I got the deposit and will start on her site as soon as I get the stuff I need. I can't wait. She was super nice and easy to talk to. We did the contract in Starbucks, which was super cool.

How neat are these? Animal Companion Cards I just ordered me some.

I was so behind today after not doing much yesterday. I had like 7 DS articles to write and I still have a few WRG ones to do. I did two or three tonight, Swanky Pup, and did an mp3 for a customer. I am still behind but catching up fast.

The whole back of my head is so sore like when you wear a scrunchie or ponytail holder too long (for you girls and guys with long hair) BUT if I had, wouldn't I have noticed it? I mean, it didn't hurt last night so why'd I wake up like this? Did something fall on my head last night? Is it a big tumor forcing its way through my skull? Only time will tell.

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