Thursday, September 25, 2008

Weird food combos

I was talking to a friend online and he hadn't heard of putting peanuts in your Coke. Then again, he's from CA so what does he know? LOL Just teasing, Frank. Anyway, that got me thinking of other weird food combinations so let's have em! Some of my favorites:

Peanuts in Coke
black eyed peas and ketchup
fries and mayo
fries dipped in vanilla shake
peanut butter and syrup (maybe that's not so weird)
banana sandwiches with mayo

I also put butter on any muffin even if it's chocolate or strawberry. My personal favorite that might not be that strange is buttermilk biscuits and you take stewed tomatoes and sop up the juices. Not as strange as Frank's ramen noodles and melted chocolate. And here I thought I was strange.

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Unknown said...

Hm, yea, some of those are weird. Peanuts in Coke? Do you drink or eat it? Laverne used to mix milk with cola on the tv show but t's like a float. I can't eat much mayo because of heartburn. You forgot the venezulian (I think) hot dog with mayo, ketchup, mustard, onions, cabbage, and potato chips I told you about. lol I heard of fries dipped in vanilla shake but prefer vinegar. What about a sunnyside up egg on top of a grilled cheese sandwich? It's good. I recent put hot sauce on eggs fried overeasy and it's great. People have the weirdest ideas for ramen noodles. I've seen desserts with noodles, which aren't far removed from dough. I like butter on most muffins too. You're southern, so what aboutt red eye gravy? It's steak drippings mixed with black coffee and used at breakfast.


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