Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Woe is me

I have been sick all day. Feels like a sinus infection or the flu. So I missed class and slept all day. I mean all day, seriously. I hate that too because I had class to go to, two quizes to do online, 4 DS articles and a couple of WRG articles. Oh and an mp3 to do for someone. I did get one article done and the mp3 so that's a start. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow and won't feel like sleeping all day.

On a brighter note I did watch the new 90210 tonight and it wasn't bad. I wish it was on another channel though since we can get something like Fox in HD instead of the CW which is a good channel but isn't as clear as the other channels for some reason. I think because it's not a digital channel is what they told me. Regardless, I had fun with the show. So far it's not something I just can't miss but it was fun.

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