Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I think I have bronchitis. I'm not sure but today hit me full force and I slept all day and even some tonight. I was coughing and just felt awful. It might have been all of the pollen though too. When it rains, the pollen gets worse and it finally rained today after a dry spell. I've been reading up on bronchitis and that's what it sounds like. However, what annoys me is being constantly told to go to the doctor or whatever. IF I have the flu or bronchitis, both are not helped by antibiotic and you just have to rest and let them run their course. In fact, both last over 2 weeks at times so I'm on track. It's not like I've been sick 3 months or something. Seriously people, cut me some slack. I'm taking my vitamins and taking it easy, what else do you want? I know, I'm grouchy. It'll pass.

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