Sunday, October 19, 2008

A great time

We had a great time with friends tonight. We met at Pier Park and ate at Hofbrau Beer Garden which is obviously German food. It was my first authentic German food and it was delicious. Our friend had Jagerschnitzel and that was the best of all other than the potato pancakes which I love to death. I had some kind of rolled steak with saurkraut and these candied apple type things that were yummy. I also drank some of the beer out of some guy's stein. He was an employee and C knew him. I'm not a fan of beer but it was nice of him to share.

We then went to see Lakeview Terrace in the knick of time and we all loved it. Great movie! Then we hung out at Starbucks then walked around and chatted. That was fun. We were making fun of C's dog's name which is Tater. She was saying it wasn't a redneck dog name but come on! LOL You don't get more country than tater.

Now we're back home setting up our fireplace. Yes, we have an electric one but it's pretty. Let's hope this one doesn't break like our others have in the past but I did purchase the extended warranty so it's their problem if that happens. We might need it too since it's already down to 58 tonight and for me, that's nippy.

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