Friday, October 24, 2008

Let's see....'s been a couple of days since I said anything. I know, you all missed me horribly. (I wish!)

We bought a Peticure to use on our dogs but it's not as easy as the commercials and the sales clerk told us. Swan still acts like satan when you get near her toes.

I am officially studying for my test on Mon and R is helping. I have the first 20 questions pretty much down pat but I have 30 more. I did learn a new fancy lawyer word - occlusion! I'm all impressed with that word. (watch me have misspelled it or something)

I got all overwhelmed the other day and I hate that. I felt like I had school to study for, articles to write, a house to clean, you name it and I felt like it had to be done. Much better now. :) I don't has a sad at least, just that overwhelming sense of frantic. It's all better now. I've decided I'll never finish all the articles so whatever. I think it's because I love how they've panned out to really make decent money and I feel I have to keep doing more and more but it's not like I really have to. Only WRG has actually quotas and deadlines so that's not quite so hard.

We have a krewe social on Fri night if it's not pouring since it's held outdoors. I guess we'll wait and see.

Bought a few movies and can't wait to see them. I know R is wanting to see Indy again and I am dying to see The Strangers.

That's it for now. :) I'll subject you all to mindless ramblings on another day.


Anonymous said...

What are you goihng to school for?

Karsun said...

I'm a criminology major with a minor in Social Work (once I choose it) I have my AA and working on my BS. :)


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