Saturday, October 11, 2008

New advances in Lasik

For more than five years, LASIK technology surgery has helped over 12 million people be able to live life without contact lenses and glasses. Now, the US Military and NASA are using that same technology to benefit mission-critical personnel. With an all-laser form of Lasik, the Department of Defense and NASA are using this to correct the vision of their specialized personnel who face extreme conditions in their jobs. Today’s Lasik is far superior than the Lasik surgery of years past.

The newest and innovative Lasik surgery is now called iLasik and uses not one, but two lasers, which has improved on the old Lasik, making it safer to use. First, wave-front technology maps the person’s eye and its exclusive uniqueness. Then a super fast computer guided laser makes a corneal flap in the eye. After this flap is made, the wave-front mapping data guides the other laser to correct the vision. No longer does one have to depend on human hands guiding a blade, making this a much safer procedure. This combination creates a custom “fit” for the eyes.

After using the new technology, members of the military had 95% results of now having 20/20 vision and all of the naval aviators said that they would recommend the surgery to others. Find out more about LASIK information


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