Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now they've ruined it...

Sex offenders in Maryland recently got a sign and letters for Halloween. The signs say, "No candy at this residence" and the letters tell them how they can start on their way to becoming a responsible citizen by not answering the door during Halloween.

No problem so far but WE put up a sign when we're out of candy. Just turning out the light doesn't work. So now I'm picturing concerned parents getting confused on the MD law and thinking our house is full of sex offenders. I know, it's silly but just consider the stranger things that have happened.

However, I am considering the fun parents can have with their kids this year in MD. Just think, in the old days it was the scary old witch lady in the house you wouldn't go near but now your parents can show you the houses to keep away from and there are far worse things than a scary elderly person who probably never harmed a fly.

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Anonymous said...

How stupid is that?? Why not a red porch light? Why not paint sex off lives here on their mailbox?
I wrote a really big post on WLS surgery. I can't wait till you read it!
Tell me what you think! Remember I write with humor behind it. Some rage too. Mostly funny though.


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