Saturday, October 11, 2008

A safer dating service

Not everyone has found his or her perfect match. It can take a lifetime to discover that there is one person out there that is your soul mate. However, help is on the way. True is a place for singles to find their opportunity at true love and best of all you can search for free. What better way to be able to find that special someone than from the comfort of your own home? With scientifically compatibility testing, you can’t go wrong when using True as your dating service.

True is the only online dating service actually endorsed by Psychology Today. What’s more is that they not only offer a dating service, they screen for married people and felons. They coach you into making the best personal profile and offer live video chat amongst potential interests. You can browse photos or search for that particular someone with a more specialized search engine and best of all, sign up is free!!

True is serious about safety and will prosecute people who misrepresent themselves on the site. So now you can browse and meet people without the fear of not knowing whom you’re going to meet.

Why not give them a try? Your ideal match might be right in front of you.

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