Monday, October 6, 2008

Toes and actors

An odd title, yes? That's just how I do a post and combine things without calling it a "stuff" post. LOL

I broke another toe. What else is new? I'm telling you, we should cut them off now because it'll save me the pain. You could kidnap me like some psycho on Criminal Minds and threaten to break my toes and I'd be used to it. You could try to get spy secrets by breaking my toes and I wouldn't give them up. This time the culprit was my New York Yankees Reeboks. I kicked one, as usual. It shouldn't have been in the floor but I'd taken them off before a nap and there they were. I'll have to take a picture to add to my broken toe collection. I know you all can't wait to see.

We were at a shop today and in walks the guy that was on In the Heat of the Night. He lives here and his wife produces Damages. I could give you his name but who knows what people think about privacy issues. It was cool though. He seemed super nice too.

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