Sunday, November 2, 2008

As Seen on TV & Domo

I am never getting another As Seen on TV product unless it's from Walmart where I can return it.

We recently ordered the Shark Floor Steamer thing which is similar to a Swiffer but it doesn't use chemicals and it's a steam, not cold water. Okay, so far so good. I ordered it with four monthly payments and a 60 day free trial. I got $158 taken out of my account. Heck, I can get it at Target for half that. Anyway, it supposedly has $40 for a warranty and $30 for shipping. So we decide since they obviously can't send it correctly we'll call. To return it we lose $30 on shipping and have to pay to have it shipped back. Then 7-10 business days we'll get our money back. Come on! I am so annoyed. I want to use it but I don't want to pay double what it will cost in the stores. Then we go to take the Peticure back and that was from the As Seen on TV store and we got our money back but even they acted all weird at first like we weren't getting a refund. *sigh*

Now for Domo. They have a huge one at Target that is a Halloween display. He's a big stuffed one that hangs from the ceiling. You know what they're doing with Domo after the holidays? Taking him to the dumpster. They have had tons of customers want him but they're not allowed to give him away so he'll be thrown away. Now how stupid is that? I understand that since he's a display they fear being sued if someone took him home and their kids choked to death on his filling but seriously can't they find him a home? I'm sad for Domo and could give him a great forever home. *double sigh*

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