Sunday, November 23, 2008

Flat Belly Diet


Sometimes you can diet all you want and still have a problem area in your stomach. This is where the Flat Belly Diet comes in. Right now they are looking for participants willing to try it out for free. All you have to do is sign up and be willing to blog about your results.

The Flat Belly Diet was scientifically created for people who have tried other ways of dieting and still have a problem with belly fat. The editor of Prevention Magazine created this innovative diet that centers on new research that discovered that healthy fats called monosaturated fatty acids or MUFA’s target belly fat. It’s interesting to note that the fat found around the stomach area is considered the most dangerous due to the high correlation to heart disease. With MUFA’s, you can eat heart healthy foods that help fight heart disease and these are not only good for you, they taste good too. Foods like almonds and dark chocolate are just a few of these types of tasty things to eat.

Now for the best part. You can receive this book for free if you’re among the select number of people chosen. You only have to try the diet out and blog about it at least twice a week. That’s it. You might even be one of the winners who gets a 1-year free membership to the flat belly website. All you have to lose is your stomach fat.


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