Saturday, November 29, 2008

Free $250 gift card

Looking to get a bundle with cable, Internet and phone services at a great price? Right now during black friday you can order Charter’s services and not only get a great deal on cable, internet and phone but you also get a $250 gift card if you get the ultimate bundle. That’s right, $250 and you’re automatically entered to win an Xbox 360 game console. There are 45 of those to be won so I’d consider your chances pretty awesome.

If you’re not ready to commit to a full bundle service you can still get individual services such as 10 Mbps high speed Internet, cable television with HDTV and a variety of premium channels such as HBO and Showtime or even an unlimited calling phone plan.

The amounts of the gift cards depend on which services you get but the best part is that no matter which service you decide on, you still get a gift card. If you order Internet alone you get a $25 gift card. Digital home and Internet gets a $75 gift card. All three services warrants a $150 gift card and if you purchase the ultimate bundle, which includes just about everything you could want from a cable company you receive the $250 gift card to use however you wish.


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