Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving was great. We had the best darn meal I think we've ever cooked. R's stuffing was a huge success and it was all done from scratch, right down to the cornbread in it. We only had one minor mishap with a pumpkin pie we thought you just had to thaw. It was the only thing we didn't do from total scratch and look how it turned out. All of our homemade stuff was great and the store bought pie ate it. It was our fault for not looking but still.

Now we're trying to stay up to go to Walmart at 5 AM since they have a couple of things we really want but darned if I'm not totally tired. I'm staying up cause I don't want to lay down after eating even if it was like 6 hours ago. I had coffee later so I want to be careful and not get sick. But boy are my eyes so tired. I want to take a nap bad. Wish us luck. LOL One thing we could get online but the other thing is store only so it's out to the beach we go. Good news is that it's like 64 outside still so the weather is awesome.

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