Friday, December 19, 2008

Day two-we set sail

Sunday morning we checked out of our hotel, ate at Cracker Barrel again and headed for the port. Getting on the ship was no problem whatsoever and our luggage we had checked in was even at our room in no time at all. In the past we have had to wait for hours.

We set sail at 4:00 PM and got to see the dolphins again but this time they played beside the ship instead of in front of it. We went to our dinner at 8:30 but before that they had a meeting on shore excursions. Those are usually pretty fun and given by the cruise director. He's the same one we had before and from Wales. Well, never sit in the front row of anything on a ship. He asked who had a capers (that's the cruise itinerary for each day) and I had one. He pulled me on stage and I had to walk out like a model, etc. This totally makes up for the hairy chest contest R entered last year. Worse, they show all these shows in the rooms so it was looped every 20 mins or so which means not only did the audience see it, so did everyone in their rooms. For the rest of the cruise I had people coming up saying they'd seen me on stage. Even our dinner mates said...oh you were on stage! LOL

We saw another small show later and went to the disco and Michealangelos which is another music bar. The band in Michealangelos were awesome. They're called Blood Power and you can find them on YouTube. They're from the Phillipines and do cover songs like Guns N Roses, Pink Floyd, Journey, etc. Awesome stuff!

The worst part of the trip was that we hit some high winds so the ship was rocking so bad that people were getting sick. I've never seen one rock that bad. I lost my sea sickness patch so I had to get some of the seasickness pills from the purser's desk but those helped out a lot.

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