Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun Day at Sea and then home

Wednesday was fun day at sea which means we just sail back really slow. We saw a few of the shows which I always love and three comedy shows. I also won at trivia again but all I got was some Carnival playing cards. LOL

Sometime during the night I had a nightmare and yelled, "I'm drowning, I can't reach it" and woke Rich up. Too funny.

We arrived in Port Canaveral on Thursday morning and had to wait until around 9 to leave but as always, got right through customs. They didn't even look at our declaration or search anything. Had our baggage taken out for us to load in the truck, stopped at Petco since we don't have one here (loved it) and ate a small breakfast at McDonalds. Drove home and that took about 6 hours.

Some miscellaneous stuff:

The televisions feed out of Denver and I saw one of my customer's commercials on there. (small world)

There was a girl on board who sounded like Minnie Mouse. She was hilarious. Later Wed night she was really drunk and kept trying to get everyone to dance with her. I thought one lady was gonna fight her because she kept hitting on her husband.

I got sun while on board. There's just something cool about getting a tan a week before Christmas.

We came home and the weather was/is perfect. It's 73 outside right now.

Will post pictures as soon as I have time.

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