Saturday, December 6, 2008

A great deal & a great dinner

Yesterday coming back from my dentist appointment we noticed a store that had a sofa and loveseat set out so you could see it. Ours has really been needing a forever home by the road so we figured if it was an ungodly cheap amount we'd get it. We stopped to look at it and lo and behold it was the exact amount I'd decided we should pay. Let's just say it was about a fifth of what we paid for our set years ago. '

We asked Chris and Jasmine if they wouldn't mind sharing their truck to bring it home and they came over and helped take the old one out and bring in the new ones. So, we took them to dinner because I don't think all four of us have ever done that and it was high time.

We went to the Baja Grill and it was outstanding. We expected it to be more casual but it was one of the most beautiful restaurants inside. Lots of art deco and Christmas trees. The food was awesome so I definitely want to go back sometime and try their 38 hour marinated ribeye.

So, it was an excellent night tonight, we had fun and the sofa and loveseat and great.

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