Monday, December 8, 2008

History Rocks

I'm not a huge history buff unless it's about Nazi Germany or Jonestown but we accidentally found this show tonight on History Channel and it's awesome. All of the events are pop ups with just songs from that era. Like the Jonestown Massacre had Don't Fear the Reaper and the Jimmy Hoffa story had Taking Care of Business. It was awesome. We found out there's more than what we just watched of the 70's tonight. There's also the 60's and 80's. We'll have to check out the schedule and make sure to watch it. Here's a video from the 70's to check out if anyone is interested so you can see how it works. It was all super interesting. I didn't know that the Concorde flies faster than the earth rotates so if you travel from the US to London you get there sooner than you left. How cool!

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